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Specialty Wood Veneer Panels (SWVP) is a veneer laying company specialising in veneer panels made specifically to a customer's specifications. SWVP sources veneers from all available veneer suppliers in Australia. Thus several hundred different veneers are available to be applied to a customer's choice of substrate.
SWVP does not carry stock of veneer board.

The selection of veneers is the first step in obtaining an outstanding job. Many veneers can have large variations in colour and grain pattern.
With SWVP you are able to:
1. Select the species of veneer and allow us to select the actual material or
2. Visit the veneer suppliers and select the actual veneer to be laid or
3. Supply a sample and we will best match your sample in selecting the veneer or
4. Supply your own veneer.

SWVP works with a wide range of customers. Information on how SWVP can help you as the customer can be found under the follow links:

Designers and Architects

Home Designers


Furniture Manufacturers

Shop Fitters



Commercial and Residential Builders


Contact SWVP for more information or to help you plan your next veneer project.


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