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About Us


SWVP is a small manufacturing business founded in 1988. SWVP is located in Smithfield in Sydney's western suburbs, this location is well suited to the business because they are close to their main suppliers and are in the centre of their main clientele base. SWVP has since expanded greatly in size with many new machines giving more services to the customers. The second owner bought the business in 1996 and sold it to the current owners in 2002, who operate it as a small family business, with a background in building manufacturing. The present owners have recently purchased a new larger press to provide greater consumer choice. SWVP have built their reputation on service, high quality product, specialised products, ability to produce any size orders.


Prime Function

The prime function of SWVP is the manufacturing of decorative veneered boards. SWVP is involved with cutting and piecing together veneer and pressing these pieces onto board (usually particle board, plywood or MDF (medium density fibre board)) according to our customer's specifications.